Official/Social Events
Tour Programs
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- Tour Program
Reservation Deadline
Advance Reservation
PT1 and PT2 Closed
Others Closed
On-site Reservation
PT 1 and PT 2 Not available
HT 3, HT 4, FT 4, NT 1, and NT 2 Onsite Reservation accepted till 12:00 3 days before each tour program
HT 1, HT 2, FT 1, FT 2, and FT 3 Onsite Reservation accepted till 15:00 one day before each tour program
How to make Tour Reservation

Participants can easily make a reservation for tour at WCCE9 & APCChE2013 website. After completing the reservation, the confirmation letter will be sent directly to the participant by the secretariat on the condition of appropriate reservation status.

The payment will be requested by the secretariat via email. Please note that participants are able to make their payment by credit card or wire-transfer (KRW only).

On the website, the participants cannot modify the condition of reservation. So if you would like to change your reservation or have any inquiries, please mail at

Tour Program List and Details
*Please refer to the ‘Tour program Description’ page to check out more details of the tour program.
($1=1,118 as of April 3, 2013)
Sort Date Reservation Rate
19 20 21 22 23 KRW USD
Pre - and Post Congress Tour (PT)  
PT1 Legendary Shilla Dynasty, Gyeongju (1N 2D)           430,000 376.10
PT2 Relishes the Romantic of Jeju Island(2N 3D)           800,000 699.73
Half Day Tours (HT)  
HT1 Harmony of Nature and Architecture O   O O O 57,000 49.86
HT2 Into the Royal Family’s Life of Orient   O O O O 65,000 56.85
HT3 Feel the Korean flavor with Kimchi O O       95,000 83.09
HT4 Making Korean traditional Cake -Tteok     O O   98,000 85.72
Full Day Tours (FT)  
FT1 Hoping for Reunification of Korea   O O O O 87,000 76.10
FT2 Back to Ancient Korea O O O O O 140,000 122.44
FT3 Getting to Know much about Seoul O   O O O 83,000 72.60
FT4 Temple Life of Korea (Myogaksa)         O 98,000 85.72
Night Tours (NT)  

Korean traditional performance
- Cheongdong Theater

  O O O O 95,000 83.09
NT2 Night Cruise Tour O O O O O 95,000 83.09
Important Notice
1. All rates are based on Korean Won as of July, 2012. Please click “Currency Converter” to check the currency rate.
2. Tour program reservation should be made no later than the quoted end of date per program.
3. Each tour program could be canceled when participants are under minimum persons quoted per program.
Cancellation and Refund Policy
• Cancellation must be notified in writing to the Secretariat. Please refer to the following cut-off date for cancellation.
• All refunds will be made after congress for administrative reasons and bank charges will be deducted from the refund amount.

From July 19, 2013

From August 13, 2013
PT 1 and PT 2 cannot be refunded All cancellation cannot be refunded